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Got Questions!

Q: Does RRSGSL own the fields at Old Settlers Park, Hall of Fame Complex?

A: No.  The City of Round Rock owns the fields.  RRSGSL pays the city a usage fee of $5.00 per hour per field and $18.00 per hour per field for light usage.  The city determines when the fields are closed and the amount of use the league is allowed.

Q: How are registration fees determined?

A: Before each season the board meets to budget for the upcoming year while considering the projected registration numbers. RRSGSL is run by a group of volunteers, we have managed to keep registration fees down, but each year fees are reviewed and set as needed by the board to meet our financial budgets for the year.

Q: What is included in the registration fees?

A: The registration fees provide the funds for uniforms (shirt), 12-14 games in the Spring, 8-10 games in the Fall, fall and spring tournaments, umpires, lights, field usage, and trophies, as well as all of the league expenses as they are incurred.

Q: How many games/practices per week?

A: The spring season generally has 1-2 games per week (weekday or weekend), and the fall season generally has 1-2 games per week (weekday or weekend). Exceptions may occur throughout the season, particularly if there are weather make-up dates. Practices are generally scheduled 1-2 times per week.  Individual coaches may schedule additional practices that are solely at their discretion.

Q: How are the age divisions determined?

A: The age for a given Fall and Spring season are determined by the child’s age on January 1st.  In Tball, four year olds are allowed to play.

Q: Can my child play an older age group?

A: No. Players must play their age group.

Q: What if I miss or cannot attend Skills Assessments?

A: All registered players will be placed on a team through the draft process regardless of their attendance at Skills Assessments.  If a player does not attend Skills Assessments (tryouts), the managers are not provided an opportunity to assess the player’s experience and therefore cannot make an informed decision on their experience level. 

Q: How can I guarantee that my child is placed on a specific manager’s team?

A: The only way to guarantee the placement of a player on a specific manager’s team is if the player is listed on his/her “protected players” roster. Depending on the division each manager is allowed a set number of "protected" players.

Q: What if my “Special Request” is not granted, can I get a refund?

A:  Once the draft is complete, there are no refunds except to certain circumstances.  See refund policy.  The league cannot accommodate requests to play on certain teams or with friends.

Q: How are managers selected?

A: Managers are selected by the board.  The board will meet to look at the registrations of the candidates who signed up, review feedback from previous seasons, background checks, talent level/age of the players for the manager and their competitiveness and discuss any known information (positive or negative) regarding any of the candidates. The candidates are then voted on by the board.   The number of managers is determined by the number of player registrations.

Q: Why aren’t scores kept in the Fall?

A: Fall is generally seen as a “transitional” or “developmental” season since this is the first season when many players “move up” to a new age division. As such, official scores and standings are not maintained.

Q: What can I do if I have a complaint about an umpire?

A: First, gain an understanding of what constitutes an ‘arguable’ offense by an umpire. Like it or not, judgment calls (fair/foul, safe/out, strike/ball) are not open for interpretation or argument. Lack of umpires knowledge of rules of the game, general ‘laziness’ in the field of play and poor/bad attitudes towards managers/assistant coaches/parents are all issues of which we would like to be made aware so we can address with Umpire in Charge (UIC). To file an official complaint, you will need to email the UIC.  We can ONLY take action when we have actionable data on which to act.

Q: How can I become a member of the Board of Directors?

A: We hold elections every summer per the by-laws (under current revisions 7/2021). Election occurs end of July for the following Fall/Spring year. All positions are filled by popular vote from the league constituency. If elected, you will serve a one year term on the board. However, we do accept nominations or interest all year long for consideration of open positions &/or committees. Interest Form is located under the "Forms" page.

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